Tribes of Israel - Tribe of Simeon printed banner - Single Layer

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Available as a complete set at substantial discount... 


Available as Individual Banners:

tribe-of-gad-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-simeon-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-reuben-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-judah-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-joseph-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-dan-printed-sq-small-1.jpg

tribe-of-asher-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-benjamin-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-zebulun-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-naphtali-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-issachar-printed-sq-small-1.jpg tribe-of-levi-printed-sq-small-1.jpg


A wonderful banner with very rich deep colors.

 Very few companies use the printing process we do... most printed banners are temporary or "throw away". We started out as a banner company - not a print shop that decided to expand - so we have taken a long time to find the perfect process that will give our customers an exceptional product. And it's all done right here in the USA. Our full color imaging is achieved through dye sublimation. It is a 4-color process which produces vivid images.These banners will last for many years and are extremely color fast. We use a Poplin fabric which is very stable. The colors are just fantastic !

Banners are available in single layer heavy Tri-Poplin fabric or fully lined banners (2 layers of fabric), either choice features  a large rod pocket at the top.    


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