I Have called you by name - with NAME - Isaiah 43:1 | Funeral Banner with Cross and Crown

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Comes complete with full set of changeable letters for name...
... 2 of each Consonant, 3 of each Vowel, and 4 A's

Shown on a white background with a burgundy cross, gold crown and scroll, and black text. Jesus knows us by name, so why not put our loved one's name on the banner? The letters really stick well with the velcro. Letters are heat-bonded on the edges.

Banners that really stand out...

Our Embellished banners (as compared to printed banners) use different fabrics and trims that come alive as light from the sanctuary reflects off the different fabric surfaces. The effect is quite stunning and does not require direct lighting on the banner itself, just normal room lighting. All of the banners we make are custom hand made right here in the USA. They are 3 layers of premium fabric thick with embellishments of the highest quality.

Features and Benefits: -

The absolute best “Traditional Embellished Banner” on the market today! - Fronted with drapery weight moiré bengaline - Backed with heavyweight cotton/poly - Lined with interfacing - Fringe sewn in bottom stabilizes banner - Heat bonded, laser cut, tissue lamé or satin letters - Adhesive outlined by hand and covered with very fine polyester jewel glitter - 6” center notched sleeve in back for hanging or carrying

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Bars and Tassels

T-Pole and Base

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