Tom and Sheri,
Attached is a picture of the new banners up in our church. We love them.
Thank you so much. Pastor Herman Hicks



Depart to Serve worship banners

I received the banners and have hung them in the entrance of our church. I'm attaching some pictures to show you how beautiful they are.

Glenna J.
Dallas, NC



Tom and Sheri,
I have been meaning to drop you guy's a note regarding the banners that you recently custom made for our Church.
I am pleased ! I have received nothing but compliments.
You did a magnificent Job! The color, design, art work, layout, accent etc. was In my view divinely orchestrated.
Proudly displayed in our sanctuary to the Glory of God.
Consider us another satisfied customer whom you will be hearing from again in the not to distant future.
Pastor Darryl L. Wakefield

Sheri and Tom,
We received the banners today. They look very nice. I can't wait for everyone else to see them once they are hung. You do very nice work! God has really given you such a gift!

Hello Tom and Sheri
We have hung the banners and they are really beautiful. Everyone has said how nice they are. I will send you a picture of how nice they look in our sanctuary unless you already have taken a picture before you sent them. Pastor Bull is very pleased with them. Thanks for all the back and forth with me on this... they are exactly what we were looking for!
Praising HIM,
Doree Ramun
New Life Assembly of God

Dear Tom & Sheri
HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!! The banners were magnificent! My church was thrilled. They helped with our joyous celebration immeasurably. I received many comments. All glowing and positive. Thank you for the beauty, craftsmanship, and efficiency. I will recommend you to anyone.
In Christ,
Cynthia Gilmour

I got the banner yesterday; put it up and it looks fantastic! If all goes as planned (i.e. find the funds) we'll order three more.
Steve Inman

OH boy, this Banner is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
You have done and outstanding job.
PRAISE GOD!! I love your work!!
Thank you so much for all the time and effort that you have put into this project for us. We will use this banner
with great joy and I know it will bless us.
Thank youso much,
I can't say that enough.
In Christ,

Tom and Sherri,
The banners for our 150th Anniversary of Trinity Lutheran Church arrived last Tuesday.
We are so pleased! Thank you for all that you did to make this an exciting year for us.
Blessings on your work in His ministry.
God's love and ours,

You are a man of your word. You promised me we would have our banner (Genesis 26:22) by the first of May, as I had requested. I am pleased to tell you that we received it on Tuesday, the 30th of April, and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for working with us on such short notice. I am sure my pastor will be pleased with the banner. On Sunday (May 5) we will be celebrating our second anniversary. To God be the Glory for the great things He has done.
Again, I thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future on behalf of my church, Refuge Church Ministries in Largo, MD. Also, you can be sure that I will gladly recommend your company to anyone looking for Christian banners.
God Bless,
Juanita Williams

We received the banner and we are pleased.
Glory to God for your representation of excellence in business! I encourage you to continue to do all things to the Glory of God.
Your sister in Christ,

We recieved the banners yesterday and hung them up tonight at our service. They are beautiful and everyone loves them. We said a prayer of dedication and blessing for your buisness. Thank you for the beautiful work that you did on the banners and the great way in which you did buisness with us.
Again, many thanks and may God bless you and yours,
Linda Head and Northridge Baptist Church

Dear Tom and Sherri,
Just a note to let you know all went wonderful with the banners the night of their showing! It was an awesome service and I would like to send you a picture of them in the Church. I wanted to know if you could email me and send me the diameter of the bottom of the poles my pastor wanted to know and I can not find the paper work that came with them I am sure they are here I just cannot find them. Thank you so much for the harnesses they worked great!! God Bless you both and your family!!
God is Good,
Colleen Mason

Hi Tom and Sheri I writing to tell you how very,very pleased I am with not only your service but much more with the beautiful banners you did for us. You have aided me in being able to set an atmosphere of worship for God's people to be blessed.For this I am grateful and pray that God will continue to bless your business as you go about lifting up His name.
Finally thank you for the extras. (I like them!)
Praise the Lord
Pastor G

It arrived Friday and we put up this weekend. I have attached 2 photos. Technical details: the banner does not appear as bright a red to the eye as the photo suggests. The observed color is closer to what is on the web site, just a little brighter red than that. The lighting for the photo was a combination of 4 - 14 watt compact florescent lamps in a ceiling fan 12' above the floor and 2 40 watt 48" daylight florescent lamps 18' above the floor directed toward the wall the banner is on. There was no daylight. The gold lettering is highly reflective so in order to get it to appear bright there has to be a lighting source above the banner to reflect light down to the floor level.
But the banner also looks great with just the diffuse light from the Christmas tree white lights in a darkened room. I can't convey that in a picture though.
It is more beautiful than we could have imagined when we saw the web site photo. These colors are perfect for us, the blue is a strong vibrant accent to the cranberry. It is both a symbol and a statement of what we want our house to be, a place to worship God.
Thank you very much,
David & Linda Banks

I must apologize for not writing sooner, but we have been remodeling several rooms in the church and I have had a lot of hands on with that project.
The banners you prepared for us are breathtakingly beautiful. The craftmanship is of such high quality I hated to hang them 20 feet in the air, but that's where they had to go.
Getting them hung with proper hangers proved to be quite the challenge, but God was gracious and led me to the perfect mountings. I first got to see them in the evening when the sanctuary was dark. I only turned on the lights that were right above the banners and the light caught in them in such a way that them seem to undulate with no breeze. Breathtaking!!
Thanks again for your attention to detail, and tell the folks that made the banners their craftsmanship is appreciated and praised.
We will be ordering from you again.
Karen Yearwood
Zion Baptist Church

Christian Banners,
We appreciate all the cooperation you have shown to us. The banner looks wonderful, everything detail is a work of excellence! Thank you for being courteous over the months we have been in contact. In the future, we look forward to ordering from you. Currently, we are in the building phase of a new sanctuary. Prayerfully, we want to consider decorating with the banners.
Also, I want to thank you for including the second banner. This was very thoughtful. God will reward your seed that was sown. May God continue to bless your business!
In His Service,
Libby Fannin
Morehead, Kentucky

Tom & Sheri,
Thanks so much for rushing to get our banners to us on such short notice.
They were a big hit! Everyone loved them. I wish you could have heard all of the wonderful comments made about them. "Elegant", "Beautiful", "Outstanding" were just some of the more common adjectives I heard describing them yesterday. ("Elegant" was the most common.)
AND your workmanship was excellent. As a veteran banner maker myself, I noticed a few things that I thought were great ideas that others may not have taken note of: 1) I love the heavy lining on the back - that really helped them hang beautifully and not flutter around when the air conditioner blew on them. I've never put a lining that heavy on my banners, but I certainly will from now on! What a difference it makes!
2) I thought the small black trim was just enough to accent the edges without drawing too much attention to itself and detracting from the message of the banner. 3) The poles were very nice. Getting good poles always seems to be a problem when I make banners - those are great! (May
I ask where you get them?) 4) The banners themselves were in great
condition when they arrived - transporting my banners is always a big issue, and I can't imagine shipping them anywhere - I was pleasantly surprised at how they were practically "ready to hang" right out of the box after being shipped across the country.
Overall, a great experience working with you...
Melinda Pierce

Hello Tom and Sheri,
I received both banners today and I am so delighted! Thank you!
We will be ordering with your company in the near future.

Hi this is just a short note to say I got the banner on Friday. Thank you very much for your fast service. The “Lives are Changed” banner is beautiful and will be a wonderful addition to our new worship center.
Thank you for your help and the incredible work you do.
Andrea Ulriksen

I just wanted you to know we received it and it is AWESOME! The Lord surely inspired and worked through you! Thank you, once again, for an incredible banner! Our pastor will return from a 3 month sabbatical and his first Sunday back on the pulpit is August 7th. We'll "roll out" this banner as part of the worship service. Thank you again! We are so happy.
Brenda Martin
Grace Fellowship UMC
2655 S. Mason Rd.
Katy, TX 77450

The banner is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I cried once I got it unrolled and look at it! Many emotions came over me. How deep and wide our heavenly Father's love is for us was one of those emotions. Rex Allen (who the banner is dedicated in memory of) was the love of my life. His life ended tragically in Dec. 2004. It has been a tough thing to go through but the Lord has been so faithful every step of the way:) I will be dedicating the banner this Sunday at church and will be giving a short testimony as well. Thank you for ALL the hard work it took to make this banner a blessing to many. To God be the glory! BJ Phelps

Hi Sherry
I just had to tell you how very much we loved the banners for our church. They were beyond what I could have ever imagined. We dedicated them on Sunday. We purchased them with funds given for a wonderful lady who went home to be with the Lord, her daughters help to pick them out. They were so pleased too. Thank you and God bless your ministry.
Chery Moore

Tom & Sheri,
Wow!! I walked into church this past Sunday and was surprised to see that not only had our Thanksgiving banners come in but Pastor had them hanging in the front of the church. Thank you so much for such speedy service. And thank you for your very beautiful work. I am very pleased with both banners, they are just beautiful! Several people in the congregation remarked at how lovely they are.
I said I was surprised at seeing the banners Sunday morning but I shouldn't have been. You guys have been extremely faithful in filling our orders quickly even though we give you such short notice. Your banners are always beautiful and so finely crafted. Thank you, I really appreciate your work and your word.
In Christ,
Fawn Holden, Secretary
Temple Baptist Church
Hesperia, California

Thank You, Thank You!
They are beautiful, they are awsome.
They bring a "Quiet" to the sanctuary as you view them and think about that night.
The Committee hung them two weeks ago and as you can see in the picture you have a wonderful, God-given talent that we felt in looking at our banners.
We couldn't wait for the congregation to see and enjoy them.
We're already talking about asking the congregation if they would like to contribute money to purchase the Thanksgiving Banner you had us go to East Peoria to see and one or two for Easter.
We'll be contacting you sometime next year I know. Until then, you and Tom and the children have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new Year.
Jeri Lou Smith
First Presbyterian Church
Canton, Illinois

Good morning. We are in receipt of the banner for the Daughters of the King, and it is beautiful! We loved it immensely. I would like to thank you and Sheri for your attention and professionalism regarding our order.

Dear Sheri, Wow! What an awesome banner! It was really well received and our district president really liked it too. The signing went great....we used a sharpie ultra fine marker rather than the fine point because of the number of people we had to get on the banner. Over 300 people have signed it, and it's destined for about 600-700 more! I was just wondering if you could email or fax a receipt. I have the invoice, but I need to turn in a receipt to get reimbursed since I put it on my credit card. Thank you so much for your time, patience, vision, and willingness to make the "crazy signing the back of a banner" idea into reality.
In His Service,
Christy Asleson

We received the banner and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for the care and workmanship to raise the name of Jesus.
May God continue to bless the work of your hands.
Harry Lewis, Sr.
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
2950 Belfort Road
Jacksonville, Fl. 32216

Tom and Sherri,
I got your message. Thanks for your follow-up. Yes, the banners arrived on Friday. They are beautiful and all comments have been very favorable.
Thank you very much for your service. May God continue to bless your business and your walk with Him.
Giving praise to Him always,
Dorothy Stancell
West Hyattsville Baptist Church

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the banners we purchased from you. They are beautiful and as well as anointed. They are our first banners as a church and we couldn't be happier with the response from our congregation and how they took our Easter program to the next level.
I did not purchase the processional equipment for 2 of the banners. I need to get them for an upcoming event. Is it possible to use the credit card we gave you and have them sent to us?
I need them for the "Jesus is Lord" purple banner and the "Holy Spirit Rain Down" banner.
Thank You.
Tony Meadows
Way of Grace Ministries

It's beautiful.
The church staff are all oo-ing and ah-ing.
Michael Sweigart

To Tom and Sheri, I am sorry that I have taken so long to thank you. Our banners that you made for our church have blessed us and have truly touched our people. Thank you for your beautiful work and labor for the Lord. They arrived just as you promised - in time for Easter and they were easy to install. Our people were just thrilled with them when they came Easter morning. Each service when I look at them, I thank the Lord. Truly the Lord led us to you..... May the Lord continue to use you to touch people's lives with His Message through the banners. Thank you again. Penny Blue - Grace Bible Church - Fort Myers, Florida. P.S. The red shadowing on the gold letters was just perfect.....thank you again. We are keeping these up all year.

Our banner has arrived and it is beautiful!! Thank you so much. It will be a special touch for our 100th anniversary this weekend.
Debbie Keith
Sherwood, ND

We got the banner and put it up. It is lovely. The whole church family likes it. Thanks, Amy
To God be the Glory for all that He has done for us!!!!!

Bless you Tom & Sheri,
I cannot thank you enough for the BEAUTIFUL BANNERS you made for us "I AM" and "Names of God". The are a absolutely AWESOME in color and what they represent!!!!! They are going to look so BEAUTFUL in our new edifice.
We cannot thank you enough for the fine work that you did Sheri and Tom in making these banners to the Glory of the Lord!!!! The colors, Sheri, how you made them to compliment the other banner is just awesome!!!! Truly the Lord has blessed you beyond measure with such a beautiful gift!!!!! We will take a picture once we get them hung and send it to you. We just want the Lord to get all the Glory even in our new church; in all that we do!!!! Thank you for being a part of that!!!!
I know we will seek your services in the future!!!!!
May the Lord our God continue to bless you with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. May He open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you will have no room to receive.
Pamula M. Joyner

Wow!!! I was truly amazed when I opened up the box containing our banners. The packaging was incredible and then I unrolled the banners!!! They are beautiful! Thank you so very much for completing them on-time. I will send pictures in a few weeks so you can see how wonderful they look in our new sanctuary. We serve an "excellent" God and I believe it blesses Him when his children perform their work with "excellence". I pray that the Lord will bless your business exceedingly, abundantly and more than you could ever ask or imagine.
A true "heartfelt" thanks!
Chris Odio
Project Manager
Church for the Harvest
Alexandria, Minnesota

They are beautiful. Thank you. I'm sending pictures.

Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for the banner. I did receive it Friday afternoon, and it looks fantastic!! Your work is incredible and I know God is honored with your business.
Thanks again for rushing it to me, and I'll contact you next year about the Lion of Judah banner!
In Christ,
Travis Berry
Central Baptist Church

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with the banners you
have made for our sanctuary. The most recent for Autumn I requested is
exquisite!!! Thank you for your timely production and for edifying the Lord
with your the works of your hands.
Linda Niemeyer
Worship Banner Coordinator
San Diego Christian Reformed Church

Hello Sheri and Tom,
Thank you so much!!! The banners are gorgeous!! You did an outstanding job and everyone is so pleased.
Now, are you ready for some more? We have in mind one for Lent and one for Easter. After that, maybe one for Ordinary Time.
I am working to revise some similar to the ones you did. A cross with a crown of thorns for Lent and possibly lilies for Easter.
Shall I mail you with the disigns for color reference?
Thank you again, just love your work.
In His Service, Polly

Dear Tom & Sheri,
I received the banners. They are very, very beautiful and very well done. Glory to God! We will be anointing them and praying over them before our first worship service in our new place. May the Lord continue to use and bless you in this banner ministry for His glory!

Hi Tom and Sheri,
I have been run off my feet for the past few days and have not been able to let you know the Banners have arrived!! They actually arrived at our house at 12 noon yesterday.
We got hit with 507.226536 U.S. dollars charges in tax and Import Duties!!
However, when we laid the Banners out on the floor to look at them and we saw “Enter His Gates ….” and The Cross with “The Names of God” Linda and I almost burst into tears with the power of God that was manifest in these two Banners!
We phoned the man who made the gift to the Church to pay for the Banners and as he looked at them he was overwhelmed with joy and a sense of God’s presence. He walked home at his own insistence. I wanted to give him a lift home because he is 78 years but he wanted to walk so that he could thank God for the beauty of the banners. He sat down when he got home and he said that his flesh was “tingling” and he came out in “goosebumps” as God came into that room!
We are overwhelmed by the beauty of the Banners and they carry the weight of your prayers and anointing. I honestly believe that God will do something special in our Church once these Banners are displayed. That will be done on Monday.
I want to thank you both for the work you have done and especially for the awesome work done on the two banners I have mentioned. That is way beyond anything we could have expected or prayed for. All of them are a blessing to us but there is something powerful and awesome about these two!
God bless you both for the privilege we have had of being blessed by your ministry. May God continue to use you more and more to His glory!

Dear Sherry and Tom,
We absolutely LOVE our new pair of advent banners. The congregation is very pleased and we have heard many compliments about them. We appreciate your willingness to design this new pair and are happy to have received the first pair (however, Sherry, they arrived not signed and numbered -----ha, ha, ha). Our soundman redirected several of the overhead directional lights to highlight the banners and your use of shading and shiny highlights was very effective. The banners, especially the star, glow! Thank you so very much! We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Have a blessed Christmas season and wonderful new year!
Susan Wingfield
Worship Committee, First Christian Church, Moore, Oklahoma
I finally got around to writing you Sheri. The banner looks so great and everyone was very impressed by our new banner. So thanks very much, wow you did a great job!
Alan Meister
Messiah Communicatons

We recieved our banner on Monday and it is beautiful. You did a great job with it. We will hang it at the entrance of our church to help set the standard for all who enter.
Our theme scripture for our church is John 4:23-24. Later I will be contacting you about making us a custom banner using that scripture. I would like it to show the hands of different races lifted up praising and worshipping God.
Thanks again and I will be in contact with you.
Rev. Julia Harris
Associate Pastor
Worship Christian Center

Thank you so much for your diligent work on the design of the banner and quickly and timely getting it to us. We received the banner Monday, July 2, but it was the Fed Ex. delivery person's fault as he did not attempt to deliver it on the 30th as he reported. The church was packed with people attending VBS. Anyway, THANK YOU!
Audrey Johnson
Ascension Lutheran Church
Landover Hills, MD

I just wanted to tell you that we had the presentation of our new banners on this past Sunday. WOW! Everyone was so impressed. We are talking about getting more.
Thank you for your commitment to excellence in the quality of your work.

Amazing banners. Absolutely beautiful. Glad we got them from your co. I cannot find the words to describe the beautiful "Do this in remembrance of me" communion banner. However, I am a little disappointed in the Welcome to Glenwood banner. I thought I had decided on the navy blue because I did not like this color of blue. I still do not like this color of blue. I am not sending it back, we will keep it but am still disappointed.
On another note I am looking for a simple banner, no fancy lettering or glitter saying...Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew a right spirit within me. Something very simple. About 2' x 5' maybe. Can you give me a price for something like that?
Again thanks so much for the beautiful banners. Hope to do more business with you.
Bonnie Bolan

Oh my gosh, the banners are the most beautiful things I have ever seen! They way exceed our expectations and we are in awe of your craftmanship -- and all to glorify our Lord! Thank you for using your gifts and your talents to help share the word of God in such a magnificant way!
My next step will be to convince our church that we need seasonal banners!!! Yahooo!
Cathy Partridge
Vice President - Client Services
Client Centric Solutions, LLC

Hello Sherri and Tom,
I am so sorry that I did not write to you after we received the banners! The banners are wonderful and the church really likes them. Thank you for all your help! I will definately tell any of our friends who are wanting banners to come to you! Thanks again!
God Bless!
Finally, I found your cite. Don't know how I lost it. Anyway, thank you so much, much, much for doing another banner in the color I wanted. It is absoutely stunning.
We at Glenwood really appreciate what you did. You do run a honest and valuable business. We will praise your service and your work to everyone that compliments our banners.
We are now in the process of choosing a christmas banner. Just waiting for the o.k. on funds. You can be assured that we will order one from you. Bonnie Bolan
Glenwood U.M. Church sends our praises to your company for the wonderful work on our welcome banner. This time in the right color. Thank you so very much. It is absoutely stunning!!! When someone ask who did the banners...I tell them they came from your wonderful and honest company.
As soon as the funds are approved I will be ordering a christmas banner. They are beautiful!!!!
Thanks again for what you did for us. It is highly appreciated and will continue to do work with your co.
Bonnie Bolan

Just a note to let you know I received the Banner last week in time for the Wedding on Saturday. IT was a beautiful banner and made the church look so elegant and beautiful. Mission accomplished. Thank you again for your part in making sure our day was perfect! I owe the rest to God and of course the Bride and Groom.
Take Care, and thanks again.
God Bless,
Lisa R. Williams
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Dear Sheri and Tom,
I keep meaning to send a note about the banner you did for us. Thank you so much for the beautiful work. We ended up postponing our conference a bit, and just revealed the banner to the congregation this Sunday and it was greeted with loud applause. Thanks for the great attention to detail, the excellent craftsmanship, and the quick turnaround. It was so pleasant to work with you.

We recently ordered one of your banners and really appreciate the beauty and quality of the banner we received. We have it hung in the front of our church and it certainly is an asset to our sanctuary. We have placed a spotlight on it which really illuminates its sparkling beauty. Thanks so much, Tom.
Judy Neil, Fairbank, IA
Yesterday, the Lord Blessed us to receive the banners, and I tell you, ALL GLORY BELONGS TO GOD!!!!!!!!! You business (ministry) is truely a Blessing to the Body of Christ. The banners are truly ANOINTED! We have not stop rejoicing, because when the Lord spoke to me and told me to order form your ministry, I did, and all Thanks and Glory belongs to God. I will be in touch with you next month to order two more, and again THANKS!
His Servant
Pastor Darren Williams

Hello, and thank-you. We received the banner " Jesus, the Light of the World", It's beautiful!! My Elder( Russell Warren ) and I were very impressed, what a Blessing this will be to have hanging behind our pulpit area, next to the Baptistry. Thanks again for this glorius work of ART!
-Ed Struble, Elmhurst Baptist Church- minister of the interior.


The names banner arrived. Jack and I want to sincerely thank you for this banner.....when we unwrapped and unrolled it we were blown away( I cried) by the majesty and beauty of it. We couldn't wait to hang it up in the church. You two do a fantastic job....the colors in the our Lord's names are rich and show off so well on the background. Sheri, you chose a perfect trim for around the banner and the tassels are a matched size to the whole thing. It looks perfect. Today our church family will see it. We anointed it when we hung it this week, praying that God's name will truly be glorified and that His children who see can't help but pause at the beauty and power of His name.
Thank you for the witness you share in your creations. And thank you Tom for the estimate you send regarding the "In Spirit and in Truth" banner which we will order next, probably after the first of the year.
Thank you again and may God continue to bless you and your family as you serve and honor Him.
In Christ's Joy and Abundance,

Karen Helser


Our banner did indeed arrive on Wednesday. Wow! It is beautiful. Thank you for your inspirational products and your special effort to get it to us so quickly.

Pastor Paul Valo


"It's gorgeous!", "How beautiful!", "It sends chills down my spine.", "It is
so beautiful, the prettiest I have ever seen." These are a few of the
comments that I heard this past Sunday as our new Redeemer banner that we ordered from you hung in our sanctuary. Thank you for getting it to us on time. It arrived in excellent condition, was easy to hang, and definitely got everyone's attention. Your company is so easy to work with, and you give such personal attention to your customers and orders. We hope to do business with you again in the future. Thank you again for everything. May God
continue to bless you.
In His service,

Jeanette Seale
Worship Chair
Fort Hill United Methodist Church
Lynchburg, VA 24502


I just wanted to let you know that we have received the banner and it has be hung and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the sanctuary short of the move of God! WOW! What a tremendous job you guys did. Thank you. Several people have said it is well worth the wait. Blessings on you
and yours,

Pastor Bob


The banners arrived in plenty of time to put them up for our first Sunday in our new chapel. They are just beautiful. They add so much to the worship atmosphere, and we had many favorable comments.
Thanks so much for your beautiful work.

Major Naomi Kelly
The Salvation Army
Asbury Park, NJ


I am writing to express my delight with the banners and the service we
received from your company. The banners are of a high quality and
absolutely beautiful, and you were very efficient in getting all of the
details taken care of--just as we had discussed. You had also stated that the banners would be delivered by Feb. 21st, and they were actually here by the 20th. In a time in which often only negative comments are heard, I am thrilled to be able to take this opportunity to thank you for a job very well done. Thanks for your conscientious and professional work ethics and for the overall service you provide to others to better enable us to praise and worship our Lord. We look forward to working again with you in the future as we work together to "Lift high the Lord our Banner!"
In His service,

Roxanne Lollar
First United Methodist Church
Booneville, Mississippi


The procession which was planned by our Worship Paster, Wes Niles, was awesome. The Banners added so much to the service that there are no words which fully explain the feeling received. Below are two comments which we have received to date regarding the banners:
1. The banners are beautiful - what a praise and witness.
2. Please let those who made the banners know what a blessing their talents are. The banners were beautiful and really added a special feeling to the worship of the music - almost like we were at His throne worshipping!
Kim Banta
Brentwood Neighborhood Church


The banners were dedicated this Sunday (Pentecost). The difference in the sanctuary is amazing. When we decided on a "theme", it was the names of God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, so that the sanctuary could be filled with the fullness of the Godhead. Tom, you and your marvelous staff created works of beauty that have filled our worship with joy and lifted all of our efforts to a new standard. I haven't heard one complaint (which in church is rare) Everyone agrees: the banners are wonderful. We did decide to use brackets instead of the srews, and the effect is beautiful,you can see the brackets from where they are hung. I simply don't have enough words, so I will close with thank you and God bless you.
Meg Deane
Wesley United Methodist Church
Vienna, WV


We are in receipt of the banners.
They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Thank you kindly for your assistance, and we hope to do business with you again in the very near future.




Steve, here. I just wanted to let you know that the banners were received and regarded highly. I am grateful to you for the work that you have done and predict asking you for more. Great job! Your banners are adding a sense of atmosphere to our Sunday meetings, as I had hoped, and I am truly grateful.
Yours because I'm His,

Steven Schnurman


 Wanted you and your wife to know that we received the church banners on Monday. They are beautiful --- better then we imagined! Exceptional quality --- and we already have people asking about where we had them made.
We are honored to spread the word about your wonderful work. May God bless you for this gift to the church.
We have an interdenominational woman's meeting in our church --- it's been going steady for over 30 years. Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostal women meeting in one church to celebrate their love of Jesus Christ.
When the ladies walked into our church this morning, they were thrilled --- and I won't be surprised if their pastors and priests hear about your wonderful workmanship.
Thank you again --- we hope to do more business with you in the future.
God bless you

Susie Lowe


The banner just arrived by UPS and even though it was wrapped very well I just had to open it. All I can say is, "WOW!"
I will be showing it to our "Support Crew" and then I can hardly wait to
present it to the church in Bangalore, India. I will send you a picture when we get back to San Diego.
Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job. They have wanted
something with a dove on it for a long years.
Your efforts are a blessing.

John Pendleton


I am writing from Kofu, Japan. We received the Messiah banner last week in plenty of time for our first meeting at the new site. It arrived safe and sound, and it is beautiful! One of my boys said the actual banner is prettier than the picture on your website. It really brings a nice atmosphere to the auditorium we are in. And it helps keep Christ and the cross as the center of our worship. We hope to order more banners in coming years. God bless you.
Danny Brown
Pastor, New Life International Church
Kofu, Japan


 Just wanted you to know that our banners arrived on the 15th, just as you promised! And they look AWESOME!! This coming Sunday will be the first time the whole church has seen them hung in place. Thanks so much for being so easy to work with, even when we waffled on some design issues. Keep up the great work, and may God richly bless you and your endeavors.
In Christ;

Tom Mulnix
Director of Worship Ministries
Aldersgate UMC
Lubbock, TX


Just wanted to let you know we received the three banners today, "Life Begins Here", "Hallelujah" and "Lamb of God". They are beautiful and we can't wait to use them in our Easter Program then hang them in the Sanctuary permanently. Thank you for working so hard to get them to us this quickly.
We'll call you next week with an additional order.
God Bless

Marilyn Kirkpatrick
Friendship Baptist Church
Owasso, OKlahoma


I just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the beauty and quality of the banners we recently received from you. Thank you, also, for the timely delivery. As it turns out, weather here in all of February was so unusually wet and cold that our construction was delayed and we are only now close to installing the banners and I just opened the boxes and examined them today! They are exquisite. I thank God for leading me to your web site because I can not imagine there could be anyone, anywhere who could create a more beautiful banner. I can hardly wait to see them on the sanctuary walls! Feel free to use me as a reference in the future; I love to recommend businesses and ministries which perform at such an outstanding level of excellence.
Gary Brown Victory Temple, Fort Smith, AR


The banners arrived in time - thank you so much for pushing to get those to us by Easter. They are beautiful - well beautiful is not a good enough description. I wish I could describe in words the looks on peoples faces when they came in and saw them for the first time. People were sending comments left and right about how beautiful they were. The colors are so perfect - gee how could they not when you have people praying on both sides - God knows what He is doing :)
Anyway - I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much we are and will continue to appreciate the banners - they definitely bring glory to our Lord!!!
Our future plan over the next few years is to get more so that we can rotate them through the seasons. So please keep us in your files - because we will definitely be back in touch with you for other banners. I pray God continues to bless your business as you have blessed us!!
P.S. I loved your Banner hanging Instructions - "Don't forget to Pray
first!" AMEN!

Bryn Shoffstall
Bethel Bible Fellowship


I don't know if you remember me but I ordered the banner "Life Begins Here" for our church prior to Easter! We absolutely LOVE the banner and feel that it has helped set a worshipful tone for our congregation each Sunday since it has been up!
THANKS SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS! (Keep up the awesome work!!!)
Twila Beaubien
FSBC Rio Linda, CA


Thank you so much for making such beautiful banners. I am enclosing a picture of our sanctuary with them hanging. We will very soon be purchasing 2 banners for the Christmas season.
Again, thanks.

Tim Crane
Cal Farley's Boys Ranch



I got my banners in the mail today and they were awesome.
This is the first time I have ordered from you; but I will back because of the quality of your work. I attend a church of 1500 and what a praise God day it will be when we present 17 banners including the ones you made.
In His Grip,

Judy Caldwell
Deep Creek Baptist Church
Chesapeake, Virginia


All I can say is WOW!!!! Your photo doesn't do the finished product justice. Your banner was fantastic, and we are all ecstatic about it. We look forward to hanging it in our sanctuary as soon as possible. Thanks for all your hard work, Tom. You are someone I would gladly recommend to anyone who needs a banner! Sincerely, and with God's blessing, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Phil Farley, Worship committee chairperson.


The banners were magnificent. So beautiful. They are so artful and classy. I'm thrilled. Thanks for your help and your wonderful ministry.
Ed Lyon


We have ordered three banners from Christian Banners and every one has been extremely beautiful.
The first one we ordered was the communion banner "Do This in Remembrance of Me". As we display is each month, people comment on how lovely it is. Christian Banners worked very hard to get it to us in time for our communion in February and it arrived on the Friday before.
We have now ordered and received two other banners. One for Easter "Life Begins Here" which will go along with our 40 Days of Purpose Theme. (We had ordered the banner before we decided to do the 40 Days of Purpose) Isn't God good. The second is for Pentecost. Both are absolutely beautiful.
God Bless Your Work,
Lois Raymond
Bethany Presbyterian Church
Grandview, WA.


Tom & Sheri,
The banners arrived a few days ago and I wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with them. They look wonderful and are surely glorifying to our God. Thank you for all of your patience and hard work.
In Christ,
Darryl Leonard


Our church is extremely pleased with Christian Banners. In an age where the "visual" message has such high impact potential we are thrilled that we have an opportunity to deal with someone such as Sheri who not only possesses the obvious giftedness of her craft but has such a great heart for the Lord, His people, and their ministry vision. She is an absolute joy to work with and wants nothing more than to be a servant and satisfy the artistic needs of others, no matter how unique these may be. Simply said, we love Sheri and strongly believe that she and her work are being used by God to touch the hearts and lives of people everywhere, we know that she certainly has here!
Randy Crawford
Worship Leader
Mainland Community Church
Texas City, TX


Grace and Peace to you!

I am writing this letter to express how thrilled I am with the banner you designed for our church. We presented it to the congregation on Sunday and the response was overwhelming. Most of our members were awe struck by the design and the jewels on the cup.  The jewels were the finishing touch. Upon presenting the banner to the congregation, one of our male dancers danced to CeCe Winan's acappela of "Fill my cup Lord". Many began to cry. Thank you for the visual effect you designed. Through this, we interpreted the preached word. Some members stated they did not imagine taking up the cup until they saw the banner. The Lord allowed me to learn about your services on the Internet and I am blessed by you. Thank you for a banner well done, I do plan to use your services in the future and will highly recommend you.
H. Aurelia Jemmott
Elder of Administration
Nazareth Christian Fellowship
Brooklyn, New York


Thank you again for the Great Banners.  They made such a dramatic impact on the presentation of "God with Us".  So many people commented on the way the banners directed their attention to the Lord. They all accomplished exactly what we desired!
Larry Murray
Associate Pastor
Lake Ridge Bible Church
Mesquite, Texas 


I highly recommend the work of Sheri Wilson. We have
recently placed one of Sheri's banners in our auditorium, and I must say, the beauty of this banner brings honor to the Lord. When people walk into our auditorium, they are impressed with the uniqueness of her work and the special touch she gives to it.
We plan to use banners made by Sheri for our future needs. I know each time we place an order, we will have confidence that her work will be a blessing for all who see it.
Pastor Dan Rodgers
Bible Fellowship Baptist Church
Sacramento, CA



Thought I should just let you know that we have received our banners on Saturday.
We are fascinated by them.
They are lovely. Thanks.
We did have to pay a minimum duty, nevertheless, we want thank God and you for sending it in time.
Please do remember us in your prayers as we present the musical "God with us" on the 5th & 6th and 12th & 13th of December 1997.
God Bless!
Pastor George Mackenzie
Church of Worship
Harare, Zimbabwe, Central Africa

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